Newspaper Wallet

by Cath

Look what I made! I made a wallet using the same fabric of this bag, there weren’t many leftovers but they were enough to make it 🙂 The black fabric was the worst, I had to sew strips together to have enough but it was okay 🙂
Everything went well until the final step and in the end it turned out little bit weird don’t you think? My perfectionist self is criticizing a lot this wallet but I’m just going to use it everyday and don’t give a damn, seriously I should be proud right? I never thought I could be able to do something like this (even if it’s very far from perfect), I feel like I’ve been improving slowly on my sewing and it makes me so happy!

Something I’m very proud of is the zipper, I totally jumped with joy when I made my first zippered pocket, perhaps it’s silly but I feel like it’s one of the things that makes me believe I’ve leveled up 🙂 (seems like I’m talking about a game)

I followed this tutorial, hope you like it even with all these imperfections 🙂

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