30 DIY Consumable Gift Ideas

by Cath

I like gifts that I can use. It aligns with my eco-friendly view to reduce unnecessary waste. Even if the gift comes packaging in plastic, it’s better because I’ll use it.

Gifts that don’t add to my house’s clutter.

Gifts that I will use to its fullest.

That’s what so great about consumable gifts, they’re still a concrete gift to give if you don’t want to give gifts that are not things, but they’ll probably get more used than a useless trinket.

My dad is a big fan of chocolate so I usually give him chocolate regardless of the occasion. I like to pamper him with the ones he likes the most that he doesn’t always buy for himself because of their price.

Having said that, you don’t need to buy chocolates to everyone! You can be more original than that.

There are plenty of consumable gifts that you can DIY and add a personal touch.

A big one for me is mixes. Mixes are so underrated, I honestly don’t know why. There’s something so great about having the dried ingredients measured. By giving mixes, you’re giving convenience without buying a disposable item which is so hard these days.

DIY Consumable Gift Ideas

Non food gifts

You can make consumable gifts that are not food! While food can give you some flexibility, there are cool DIYs to make in the bath/beauty category.


OK. So it's weird to gift someone a deodorant right? Not really if you're offering the amazing deodorant that you made. That has an amazing smell and it's totally different from what you get in the supermarket.

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