15 Delicious Recipes for Two

by Cath

Does most of your food waste come from having too much leftover food?
Maybe you’ve learned to cook to make huge servings but it’s difficult for you to scale back now that you cook only for 2.

Plus you don’t like leftovers that much so a lot goes to waste.

My grandmother used to bake bread for her whole family, this meant that she made about 10-15 loafs of bread at once, that’s not something I can’t do now that I live with my boyfriend in our tiny apartment, we wouldn’t even have storage for so many breads.

I now have my own homemade bread recipe as hers produces a huge quantity for us.

In the same note, I’ve found good interesting recipes to make when cooking for 2 when you don’t want to have leftovers.

These recipes will also help you understand portion sizes so you can become better equipped the next time you try to wing a recipe for two.

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