Hi there!

I’m Catherine and I’ve been always been interested in making the best with the resources that I have.


One of my favorite toys when I was younger, was a cash register that I made using cardboard boxes that my parents had and colorful electric tape that my dad had.


I want to help people in this journey towards less waste. And to show you, at the same time, that this journey can be so much fun!

In cooking and in life, there’s always something that you can do to turn something that would be wasted into something useful.


Living with less waste is all about making the best with the resources you have in your everyday life.


You will see that creativity is a big part of this lifestyle and you won’t feel like you’re restricting yourself.

Yes, you can be more sustainable.

You don’t need to become zero waste to make impactful changes.


Zero waste does sound intimidating right?

Zero waste is impossible.


I don’t believe in changing radically, I believe in making continuous progress.


I want to teach you to live a more sustainable life by reducing your waste and don’t let it control your life.


Because you can be better for the environment while still enjoying your life.


Go through each of these sections to learn more on living a more creative and sustainable life.