A new journal for the broke student

by Cath

So what happens when I’m a broke college student and you need a new journal? You make one yourself! Actually it was one of summer goals but I wasn’t thinking in doing it since my classes start next Monday. In reality lots of these goals weren’t accomplished, most of them lack of money but I don’t have any problems with that. There are so many other things that I did this Summer and never planned that were equally awesome, so no regrets!
Anyway the reason I’m posting today is to show off my new journal. I love it! I painted the cover (actually thinking about doing a tutorial about it soon) and I can’t wait to start writing. I wanted a new journal because I want to challenge myself to write 30 days in a row. Will you be interested that every week I post how this challenge has been? Please let me know 🙂 I think it’d be good to write it on my blog, it’ll give me more motivation to finish it!

Here’s me with it, the photograph is a little bit out of focus…

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