by Cath

I just bound a new book using coptic stitch like my art journal, really like how it came out, especially the inside papers full of splatters. It’ll be my lifebook, you could say it’s like an art journal but I prefer to keep things separate. For me this lifebook will be about things I’ve done and things I want to do, art will take second place. But now you’re wondering why did I decided to make a lifebook?

When I saw Malavika’s post about having a lifebook I quickly became inspired to make my own. I thought about what to put on it, how to prepare the pages, I felt overwhelmed. But I realized, why I’m being so serious about it? Why do I’ve to try to make it perfect? So I decided to just do it and not think about anything else. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up and try to do everything perfectly and end up not doing nothing. It’s weird right? I’m so excited to do a project and make my best to do it perfectly. What usually happens? Sometimes wanting to make it so perfect I lose sight of everything and end up not wanting to complete the project. Is it just me or it happens to you too?

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Jerina June 13, 2012 - 6:24 am

It happens to me all the time.
The advice I give myself is one of two things:
1. Just start and don’t worry about what it will look like. The important bit is to start and to finish to give ourselves the sense of accomplishment.
2. Start with something really small and simple. Easy to start and easy to finish.


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