Dublin – 3 days in Photos

by Cath

I was in Dublin for 3 days last week for St. Patrick’s Day and thought I would post here a few pics that I took of the city. It was a lot of fun and it was weird to find out so many similarities between Ireland and New Zealand. I guess it makes sense since they’re all anglo-saxons but it was still surprising. Honestly it made me feel a little bit more at home just because of it!
However, I’ve to confess something. The cold, wind and rain didn’t made me want to stay there for much longer. I wish I was one of those people that could handle the cold really well but I’m not! It was super good to arrive to Portugal and absorb some sunshine. And that’s the main reason why the camera didn’t leave my bag very often, I’d rather be warm than to take pics.

– Trinity College Library
– Saint Stephen’s Green Park
– All those cute houses
– Cadbury chocolate (in Portugal there are only one or two flavors)
– St. Patrick’s day spirit and parade

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