6 interesting things I bought in a Guatemalan supermarket

by Cath

I was in Guatemala during most of the month of October and one of the things that I simply love to do whenever I’m in a new place it’s to go to the supermarket. There’s always something different from country to country. I’m a bigger fan of going to the supermarket than shopping for clothes (I know I’m weird!)

1 – Jocote

I tasted it and honestly I just brought it to Portugal so my parents could taste it as I was not a huge fan of the fruit. The taste itself is good but they leave that weird furry sensation in the mouth, as an unripe persimmon does, which I’m not a huge fan.

2 – Dark green chayote squash

I’ve never seen a chayote squash with such a dark color. In Portugal, they’re usually light green. Since it was weird I bought it, this is basically how I decide to buy stuff in the supermarket: is it weird? let’s buy it!

3 – Dishwashing paste

Instead of adding liquid soap to the sponge, you pass the sponge into this paste! How amazing is that? I actually already tried it out in Guatemala and feel like it washes as well as the liquid, however I just want to show it off to everyone I know! I hope they get as excited as I feel with this (probably not).

4 – Rosa da Jaimaca

Restaurants in Guatemala usually serve a really good juice made with the tea of the flower so I decided to buy a package so I could try to do it at home but with less sugar as Guatemalans have a habit to add too much sugar in everything.

5 – Maní Japones

I was a little bit surprised to find this kind of peanuts! When I went to Japan I didn’t see anything like it! Doing a quick search on the internet gave me some background on the subkject: it was actually invented by a japanese living in Mexico, inspired by a japanese product called mamekashi (didn’t get a chance to taste it!). As all peanuts, these are ones are also super addicting and the hint of spice in its crust makes it super special. I had to bring back a package with me so I could share it with my friends and family!

6 – Rapadura

It’s funny that just before I traveled I watched a “Chopped” episode where they used this ingredient! It was cheap so I bought it and will do some kind of cake with it!

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