My Love For Bread

by Cath

I like bread, actually I love bread. I have bread for breakfast almost everyday. I eat all kinds of bread, bread with seeds, “pão de água” (Portuguese bread), etc.
Some people might say that bread is bad for you, that it makes you fat, both might be true (at least in excess bread really does make you fat) but I cannot live without bread. Bread is part of you when you’re Portuguese, I love it and it was always there in my parents house and now in mine.

I remember there was always a very important question before going home, which was “is there bread?” and if the answer was no, there’s no way we could go home without going to the bakery first. My mom and dad would always go there to buy us some. When we became older, they stayed in the car and either me or my brother would have to go instead. We didn’t particularly like to go but we also wanted bread.

I miss the bread that my grandmother made in the wooden oven. I remember helping her sometimes but I’m sure that now I couldn’t do it like she did. I’m still trying to find a bread that matches that flavor.

I occasionally make bread, not as much as I would like, the patience is not always there. Bread needs patience, time and a little bit of love. In New Zealand, I started making bread every week because I didn’t enjoy their bread. It was good to don’t miss Portuguese bread so much. Here in Portugal, I don’t feel the need to do it as often, the impatience wins as it’s so easily available, almost every place has bread but not going to lie, you also have to know which are the best places to get it.

Frequently, me and my boyfriend buy warm bread to eat it with something for dinner. These dinners are super simple yet amazing. The warmness and the crispiness of the bread it’s irresistible. I’m thankful to live with someone who’s also able to enjoy it.

And what about you, do you like bread?

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