Three tier fruit stand- DIY

by Cath

I’ve a really tiny kitchen and I love to eat fruit! The problem is: how do I store all the fruit that I have? Until now, it was all over the place, mostly on top of the kitchen table or in the fridge. There are a bunch of ideas online on how to make your own three tier fruit stand and I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but it always gets postponed for some reason.

I found some super cute decorative plates in a flea market and decided it was the perfect time to do this project. My mom gave me these two cups since they were laying around the house without use for years. The project is super easy to make and with a little bit of attention you probably can make can avoid the askew plates Ahaha! Can see how imperfect it is? I was hesitant to post it since it looks so uneven but I did it in the end of January and it’s still holding up nicely!

Three Tier Fruit Stand - Materials

I cleaned them and used super glue to connect everything (I cleaned with rubbing alcohol on the areas where I put glue, just to make sure it would adhere completely)

How much did this cost?
Super glue: 3,5€
Plates: 2,5€
Cups: free
Total: 6€
Couldn’t find anything similar to this for this kind of price so I’m pretty happy 🙂

This is how it looks like in the kitchen, uneven but super functional!

Three Tier Fruit Stand - Final result

If you end up doing this inspired by this post, let me know!

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