Using up those apples

by Cath

End of the day, end of the weekend, it’s hard the end of a Sunday.

I’ve a rule that I’ve been implementing for some time to help me not feel stressful in a Sunday: just do whatever you want. If that means stay in bed reading the whole day that’s what I’m going to do. Before I would focus on all the things that I “should” do (as I usually do) and as soon as the end of the weekend approached I’d be super stressed for not doing it all. Now, Sundays are completely random and almost always don’t involve getting out of the house. I actually like to be at home all day.

And today was about using up the apples that I received from my boyfriend’s mother. I have been thinking doing this for a while now: apple cider vinegar! When I found this I was so surprised! You can make your own vinegar with fruit scraps? I love a project that can transform trash into a new life! Now that the first step is taken, all I’ve to have now is patience! So in a month or two I’ll probably post here to tell you how it turns out! Meanwhile if you’re interested in doing it yourself, check out: this and this. Those were the resources that I used.
For the actual apples, I ended up cooking them with sugar, they’ll be great with yogurt! I love cooked apples.
Pot with apples cooking with sugar

Hope you have a great Monday! If you’ve already made vinegar with fruit scraps, let me know your experience!

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