Salt Dough Gifts

Here everything has been crazy, I had an exam yesterday I’m going to have another one on Thursday. I can’t wait for them to be all over, but I still have to endure for a while. Meanwhile I have something to show you that I didn’t get to post earlier.
On christmas, these last few year we haven’t bought many presents, to be honest almost anything. Each one of us has some new socks (that are always handy) and a piece of clothing if we really need one. Personally I don’t mind, it’s not like I need gifts for Christmas, the best thing I can have during Christmas is being with my family.
But when I was making salt dough ornaments for our christmas tree I decided to make a small gift for my mom, my dad, my brother and myself (also two of my friends). It’s very simple but I wanted to do something special anyway.
The star ornaments drying:

And the little gifts, each one has the name of the person I gave it to. (I’m only showing the one I made for myself)

Hope you like it too!

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