Guest Post: Lavender Wand

Lauren has a blog I love to read for some inspiration, she takes beautiful pictures and makes simple activities look like a total dream. Also she’s super crafty (check out her earrings tutorials, you’ll love!)

Hi friends and readers! My name is Lauren, its very nice to meet you! My all time favourite smell other than the smell of cookies and apple cider is lavender! If you have lots of ribbon around your house, this DIY is perfect to use it all up!

You’ll Need: Some Ribbon, An even number of lavender, clear thread, scissors

step one: gather all your lavender, so the bottom of the flowers all line up. Then tie tight with ribbon. note* when I did this I used the clear thread, which didn’t really work too well. I recommend using your ribbon

step two: bend your stems over the flowers so it creates a “cage”

step three: weave your ribbon through the stems, keep it fairly tight so no flowers make an escape!

step four: once you get to were there are no flowers just wrap the ribbon around the stems and tie off or dab a bit of glue at the end.

xo, Lauren
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