Eating on the Cheap: Grilled Cheese Mushroom Sandwich

by Cath

Remember when I was doing a series of food posts about eating cheaply? I found a recipe post lost in my drafts, decided to update and finish it up! I’ve been working on another project so it was a great way to get away from writing a whole new post!

I enjoy quick and simple recipes, specially in days that I arrive tired from work. This recipe is super easy to make yet it’ll keep you full! I made two but it was a little bit too much the other day. Depending on your hunger make one or two.

– Half a can of mushrooms or two fresh mushrooms
– Garlic (two cloves, less if you don’t like garlic very much)
– Four slices of bread
– Four slices of cheese
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– Olive oil

– Heat up garlic with olive oil for one minute (don’t let the garlic burn!)

– Put the mushrooms. Let them cook and gain some color. Don’t forget to put some salt and pepper.

– Prepare a slice of bread, put a cheese slice on top of it, then put the mushrooms, one slice of cheese again and for last, a slice of bread.

– Put it on a sandwich toaster and let it be until the cheese is melted.

Super simple right?

And it’s also super delicious.

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