Experiments with Sony E 50mm f/1.8

by Cath

I’m one of those people who have trouble spending money for things they don’t actually need. So I’ve been thinking on buying a new lens for my camera but could never justify, specially because even though I kinda wanted a lens, I just don’t need it. Every changed when I won two fnac gift cards which totaled in 200€ and decided to just buy myself a new lens for my Sony Nex Camera! Since I won it, it means that I can spend in something I don’t really need right? 🙂
I bought a 50mm f/1.8 because I love photos that have a blurred background, I was kinda excited to take food and detail photos with it. Below a few photos that I took with the new lens, I’m kinda disappointed with the photo quality when it’s blurred but I probably haven’t mastered enough, so maybe it’s my problem not the camera’s.
Detail building

Lamp Light detail

Chopsticks and scoop

Walking, shoe detail

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