30 DIY Consumable Gift Ideas

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I like gifts that I can use. It aligns with my eco-friendly view to reduce unnecessary waste. Even if the gift comes packaging in plastic, it’s better because I’ll use it.

Gifts that don’t add to my house’s clutter.

Gifts that I will use to its fullest.

That’s what so great about consumable gifts, they’re still a concrete gift to give if you don’t want to give gifts that are not things, but they’ll probably get more used than a useless trinket.

My dad is a big fan of chocolate so I usually give him chocolate regardless of the occasion. I like to pamper him with the ones he likes the most that he doesn’t always buy for himself because of their price.

Having said that, you don’t need to buy chocolates to everyone! You can be more original than that.

There are plenty of consumable gifts that you can DIY and add a personal touch.

A big one for me is mixes. Mixes are so underrated, I honestly don’t know why. There’s something so great about having the dried ingredients measured. By giving mixes, you’re giving convenience without buying a disposable item which is so hard these days.

DIY Consumable Gift Ideas


Compound Butter

Photo Credit: thepioneerwoman.com

I love a good butter but for some reason flavored butters just feel fancy. They're the butters that are served in fancy restaurants so that's maybe why. If you want to impress, offer compound butter for them to eat fancy food at home!

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Pancake Mix

Photo Credit: justplaincooking.ca

Pancakes are not very difficult to make but everyone's busy and having to measure everything is a pain. Give this pancake mix to give them time for more important things in their lives.

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Caffeine-Free Chai Mix

Photo Credit: minimalistbaker.com

There's always someone who is obsessed with chai lattes, why not gift them a chai mix so they can make it at home instead of buying from a coffee shop?

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Hot Chocolate Mix

Photo Credit: thepioneerwoman.com

In the colder months, people like to have a nice hot chocolate while watching TV and having this mix in the cupboard just makes everything easier. Add a few marshmallows for that extra treat.

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Soup Mix

Photo Credit: wholefully.com

I like to make soups with fresh vegetables but sometimes a quick soup to make when we don't feel like cooking. Offer this to someone you know it's busy but likes to eat homemade food. They'll love to have delicious soup mixes for those busy times.

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Vanilla Extract

Photo Credit: www.backtoourroots.net

Vanilla extract is a staple for all the bakers, it's used in most of the recipes out there. Homemade vanilla extract is more flavorful than the one you can get at the supermarket and people will appreciate having that special addition to their baked goods.

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Hot Sauce

Photo Credit: honestfare.com

I used to not like spicy food but now I love adding that extra kick in my meals. Hot sauce will be good for all the spicy food fans out there.

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Photo Credit: hillsborough-homesteading.com

This is one of those gifts that can be prepared months in advance. You can make jam with the surplus of produce that you've in your backyard or when it's cheaper in the farmer's market. If you don't make it in advance, don't worry, you can make jam with fruits from all seasons!

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Salted Caramel

Photo Credit: sallysbakingaddiction.com

Salted caramel is a great addition to pies and cheesecakes. This homemade salted caramel sauce is delicious, it'll be difficult to give it away but control yourself! (or just make an extra batch for you)

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Sea Salt Vanilla Caramels

Photo Credit: sallysbakingaddiction.com

And since I've discussed caramel sauce, I now present you these beautiful vanilla caramels, put them in a decorated jar and you've got yourself a nice present to give.

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Candied Orange Peel (Chocolate Covered)

Photo Credit: downshiftology.com

Candied orange peel is so good and what I especially like about this, is that you're reducing food waste at the same time! These are made with orange peels which you perhaps already throw in the trash.

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Photo Credit: www.liveeatlearn.com

In the last few years this drink has become increasingly more famous and it's so good for the gut as it's a good source of probiotics. Change up the flavors to cater for everyone's taste.

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Photo Credit: addapinch.com

To make this fudge, you only need your microwave! It's very easy to make.

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Photo Credit: sallysbakingaddiction.com

Don't overlook the simpleness of a cookie! They'll likely be eaten straight away. While I'm linking to chocolate chip cookies, you can make sugar cookies, ginger snaps, just about everything.

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Cookie Mix

Photo Credit: www.verybestbaking.com

If you don't want to give cookies, you can give cookie mixes! They'll probably last longer but doesn't mean that they aren't as good.

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Fermented Salsa

Photo Credit: livesimply.me

You can't go wrong with salsa, everyone loves that freshness on a plate. This salsa is a bit different because it's fermented but it just means that it has extra probiotics there so more points for this recipe!

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Infused Sugar

Photo Credit: abeautifulmess.com

Infused sugars are perfect for tea and baked goods, or even sprinkled in warm pancakes. I love how quick they're to make but are such a special present to give.

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Infused Salt

Photo Credit: thepioneerwoman.com

Cousin of the sweet infused sugar, infused salt also makes a great gift! I'm especially fan of the porcini salt, something about the flavor of mushrooms just gives that umami flavor to what I'm cooking.

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Loaf of fresh bread

Photo Credit: pinchofyum.com

I'm kind of biased because I loveeeee bread. I could live without a lot of food but not bread. Give a loaf of fresh bread for all the bread addicts out there, they'll sure appreciate it. Better yet, offer it in a pretty reusable bread bag.

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Photo Credit: minimalistbaker.com

For all your loved ones who love to eat their granola at breakfast. Change up the recipe to add nuts and dried fruit that they love and create a personalized granola just for them.

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Fruit Basket

Photo Credit: www.melaniecooks.com

Yes, you won't be making the fruits themselves but what about organizing a basket full of fruit in season. Get it local and you'll give a basket of fresh locally grown fruit.

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Photo Credit: thehappierhomemaker.com

This gift is perfect to make on the Winter months where there's an abundance of fresh lemons!

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Non food gifts

You can make consumable gifts that are not food! While food can give you some flexibility, there are cool DIYs to make in the bath/beauty category.


Whipped Body Butter

Give this body butter to the person who is always complaining about her dried skin. This is a strong body butter that is amazing for Winter times.

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Body Scrub

This body scrub is made with just household items and you can make it in literally 5 minutes!

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Scented candles

Photo Credit: www.homestolove.com.au

There's something cozy about candles, something about them makes you want to relax. Give a candle to someone who could use more downtime, add scents that they love and personalize it.

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Lip Balm

Photo Credit: www.humblebeeandme.com

Most people use lip balm, especially in the Winter. Your loved ones will surely get impressed when the lip balm that you're giving was made by you!

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Photo Credit: simplepurebeauty.com

Make a perfume with scents that people will love! You can make a solid perfume or stick with a perfume spray.

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Bath Salts

Photo Credit: acultivatednest.com

Offer bath salts for the people in your life that just love to relax in the bathtub.

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Photo Credit: www.brambleberry.com

I've made soap last year and it was a great success! I gifted a bar to a lot of my close friends and I received an amazing feedback. Soap makes a great gift for everyone.

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OK. So it's weird to gift someone a deodorant right? Not really if you're offering the amazing deodorant that you made. That has an amazing smell and it's totally different from what you get in the supermarket.

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