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All The Food I Ate In Japan – Part 1

All The Food I Ate In Japan – Part 1

I took a photograph of almost everything I ate during my time in Japan and thought I would share it. I loooove food and it was sometimes a struggle to decide where to go, so maybe this ends up being useful to someone else. I’m […]

Sewing “Acacia” panties

Sewing “Acacia” panties

I actually wanted to start sewing again to make my own underwear. I was thinking on how I needed some new pairs and asked myself “why not make them myself?”. I’m always excited to make things from stratch, from clothes to food, it’s something that […]

How to make your own reusable produce bags

How to make your own reusable produce bags

In 2017 I started to use reusable produce bags, it’s a good way to be more eco-friendly and it’s not difficult, how many plastic bags do you use in a week? If you buy a fair amount of vegetables and fruit like I do, it starts to add up, that’s why I decided to take this step.

There’s a fruit shop that I go to practically every week, one day I didn’t have enough produce bags to bag some fruit that I had, the owner while weighing the fruit said to me “I would offer you a plastic bag but I know that you don’t want one”. It’s super interesting how people start to notice these things. I went to another one, that I’m not a regular customer, and she commented on how cool my bags were!

I bought my first pack of reusable produce bags but decided to try to make my own. As I said in my previous post, I’m far from the expert sewer and was able to pull this off quite quickly so even if you don’t have a lot of experience sewing I bet you can do this. This is one of those projects that doesn’t need to be perfect so you don’t need to fuss too much on the details.

Mesh lining close up

I used mesh lining (the kind used to make swim shorts) to make these reusable produce bags. It was cheap, 1€ as a scrap in “Feira dos Tecidos”, I don’t know how much they usually cost per meter. The ribbon I had lying around at my parent’s and decided to use it, the ribbon had 1cm of width. If you’re using another kind of ribbon, just change the casing height. Ribbon width + 1cm should be good.

Cut the rectangles, I made two sizes but you can make all sizes. To give you an idea, here are the measurements of the smaller and bigger bag: 44cm x 30cm, 40cm x 20cm.

Sew casing - produce bag

Fold the upper part of the fabric, where you want the casing to be, give it around 2cm and press. With a seam allowance of 0.5cm sew, back stitching at the beginning and at the end.

Sew open ends - produce bags

Fold in half, right sides together, pin the sides together so it’s easier to sew. Sew along the open sides using a seam allowance of 0.5cm, without sewing the casing.

After this you can press the seams so it looks prettier and stitch close the opening but to be honest I didn’t bother.

Turn inside out and attach a safety pin to one end of the ribbon. Insert the safety pin into one of the openings and slowly pass it through.

Produce bags- tight knot

Tie together the two ends of the ribbon.

Produce bag with fruit

You’re ready to go! I always have some with me since they’re so light, have a couple in my backpack, another two in my purse, that way I’m always prepared!

Let me know if you make the bags based on my tutorial! I’d love to know how it went!

Lined Drawstring bag – Knitting Project Bag

Lined Drawstring bag – Knitting Project Bag

My mom’s sewing machine always had issues. Both my parents tell me how much time they spent researching the best machine they could afford, how they bought it used and still spent around 200€ (twenty years ago), so it’s sad that it never worked as […]

Happiness Project 2018 – January

Happiness Project 2018 – January

January, the month of new beginnings, this is the month where I’ll become a perfect person. Unfortunately, it’s never like that, is it? Most of the time January starts with excitement and ends with acceptance. Accepting that we’re not perfects, that everything that we’ve planned […]

How to survive a long haul flight

How to survive a long haul flight

Long haul flights are hard. The first one is rather easy, if you’re like me you’ll be super excited because it’s something new. But after a couple of flights, the novelty wears off and being on a plane for 12+ hours it’s just hard. That’s what I feel now after I flew for 2 years to Auckland, New Zealand frequently for work. The shortest time to arrive there from Porto is around 32h.

So yes, now I just want to survive a long haul flight and I’m sharing what works for me.

Wear comfortable and warm clothes

Me trying to sleep in airport

Comfortable clothes it’s obvious, right? Since you’re going to be seated for 12+ hours, you want to be as comfortable as you can in those seats.

Regarding the warm clothes part, let me tell you a story: the first time I travelled to New Zealand I thought: I’ll bring a skirt, I’ll be more comfortable since I can move around freely. NEVER AGAIN. I was freezing most of the time even with the blanket the airline gave. You can see in the photo how freezing I was waiting for our connection flight.

That’s why I’m a big fan of bringing layers to the airplane, as temperature varies a lot during the duration of the flight, especially during meal time. I usually bring a long sleeve top, some comfortable sports pants, a cardigan and a warm hoodie.

Going to the plane hungry

Food in airplane
In the plane from Japan, most of them don’t look so good!

This will be the weirdest tip of the post but one that works super well with me! Since forever it always has been been hard for me to sleep in other places besides my bed and this helps me get into sleep mode faster.

I go to my flight hungry! I’ll be eager to the first meal on the airplane, which usually takes place 1h after take off and once I finish eating I’ll be with my tummy full and ready to take a nap (being warm is also super important for this).

I’m a huge believer in trying to get sleep in the planes, regardless of the time in your destination country. You’ll be jetlagged anyway so might as well try to sleep the most you can. You can argue that you should be sleeping only when it’s nighttime but our bodies are not meant to experience these kind of shifts so they’ll be weak, sleep will always be a good way to nurture them at this stage.

Bring your own headphones

Airplane headphones

Daniel discovered this one. All the headphones/earphones that you receive to watch in-flight entertainment are pretty bad. In our last trip, my boyfriend brought his headphones (Sennheiser HD 429) and it’s a game-changer!

You’ll definitely feel more at peace, it blocks the sound that the plane does plus you can actually hear the sound of the movie you’re watching. I consider myself pretty good at English but I cannot hear English very well with the free phones, so I try to choose movies that have subtitles in English, with my own headphones this problem doesn’t exist anymore! His headphones don’t even have noise cancelling and they’re already pretty good for this, I don’t think you need to have very expensive headphones to achieve this, as long as it blocks sufficient sound you’re good to go.

Use compression socks

In the beginning, being seated for all these hours affected my legs but not as much as it does now.

I’d definitely recommend using compression socks since it’ll help the swelling of your legs and improve your blood flow. Unfortunately I already have spider veins in my legs for not wearing these earlier so be sure to prevent them if you can. I kinda afraid that if I’ve spider veins now, and I’m only 26, what will happen throughout the years, but what is done is done.


Airport panel
In Auckland airport, they advise you to relax

These flights can be stressful, so just do whatever you need to relax. Now I only watch funny movies in the airplane, the ones that I usually don’t bother watching at home because they are properly pretty stupid. When I saw drama movies, the ones that usually make me cry (I’m such a big movie crier) I’d get more depressed that I was in the airplane, OMG still 7h left, how I’m going to get through this, that amount of drama. So I just do whatever I need to do to keep me happy.

Extra tips


For people who are shorter

If you’ve carry-on baggage that’s slightly padded and can hold on its own, put it in your seat in front of you. This will be super helpful to bring your feet a little bit higher as most of the long flight airplanes don’t have a footrest, it’ll get slightly uncomfortable without something in there to put your feet.

I’m 1.61m and I started getting restless and needing a footrest after 4 hours, this trick helps me a lot in addition to the compression socks. I’m aware that there are inflatable foot rests but haven’t tried any of them so as of now this is my no-money-spent-alternative!

For people who are taller

Choose the hallway or the window seat – both have the opportunity to give you more leg room. In the hallway you can put the knees a little further out and in the window you’ve that extra space between your seat and the window.

My boyfriend is 1.86m and in some airline companies (Lufthansa for example) his knees are touching the back of the seat in front of him without any room for him to feel more comfortable. If he ended up in one of the middle rows, I would always try to give him some space but choosing the window or hallway seat is better.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these to make your flight more comfortable and share what usually works for you!

How to survive a long haul flight
Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Today I want to share with you my bedroom. In my opinion, it’s the prettiest room of the house. All the others end up having to be more utilitarian than nice-looking. The bedroom is the biggest room in the whole apartment, it’s far from a […]

Knitted Mug Cozy

Knitted Mug Cozy

It never stops to amaze me how quickly time passes. My Ravelry, tells me that it has been 6 and half years since my last knit, until I saw this It would have been hard to believe it has been so long since I knitted! […]

My Happiness Project 2018

My Happiness Project 2018

I hope your first day of the year was great! Mine was relaxing, however I’m already dreading the thought of coming back to work after one week vacation (I suffer a lot from Sunday blues)!

I had heard of the Gretchen Rubin’s book for years but ended up never reading it, it kept popping up in some blogs but it continued on my to-read list. However, after I listened to this episode of Officina podcast (unfortunately the podcast is in Portuguese!), I decided to join in the fun and create my own happiness project for 2018. I’m still reading the book (currently in July) but the facebook group that Claudia created (and her template) allowed me to get plenty of inspiration on what to focus on.

I’m definitely cheating because I haven’t set up a specific theme for each month but I also know that I wouldn’t enjoy this project if it was too strict.

The first step was to find out which would be my overarching principles and I came up with 7, they speak a lot about who I am and who I want to be.


  • Be Catherine
  • Follow your instincts
  • Better done than perfect
  • Your work is not your life
  • Don’t demand so much of yourself
  • Don’t compare
  • Don’t overthink

And what areas I thought it would be nice to focus on and their respective goals.

Home/Organize (January)

  • Complete January Cure
  • Organize receipts once a week (continue throughout the year)
  • Don’t put off ironing more than 2 weeks (continue throughout the year)
  • Sell everything that I can in OLX


  • Date with Daniel once a month
  • Plan 2 trips with my friends
  • Stop waiting for “gold stars” from my family and Daniel


  • Publish that blog post even if it’s not perfect as you wanted it to be
  • Stop telling myself “I’m not good enough to do this” and replace it with a positive affirmation
  • Talk, without being afraid of criticism, of my personal projects and what I think
  • Follow my instincts more, even if it disappoints other people


  • Work in something creative at least once a week (knitting, sewing, home projects, etc.)
  • Make homemade soap


  • Take a walk by myself or go to the library in the weekend
  • Take a mini trip by myself
  • Start writing in my journal more frequently (at least once a week)
  • Go the gym 2x a week
  • Read 20 books
  • Don’t buy books until I’ve read all that are in my shelves

Get outside my comfort zone

  • Go to a meetup of a theme that interests me even if I find it intimidating. Ideas: Porto International Book Club, Tricotadeiras do Porto…
  • Share my “Hapiness Project” in the facebook group and in the blog

Self-knowledge (October)

  • Reevaluate my values – at work and in life. Figure out if I’m living my life in accordance with these values

Personal Projects

  • Write at least once a week in the blog
  • Continue to find traditional stores that sell in bulk
  • Whenever I get a new idea, write everything about it that comes through my mind so the idea doesn’t consume me if I don’t have time (or reason) to work on it
  • Sell all my cross stitch products that I made for my Etsy shop years ago

What about you? Will you have your own happiness project? Share your 2018 goals, I’m curious to hear about them!

My Happiness Project 2018
Goodbye 2017!

Goodbye 2017!

When I said goodbye to 2016, I really wanted to focus more on my self-confidence. I still believe I’m not there yet and I feel like I got worst this year, ou maybe just got more conscious of my lack of self-confidence, can’t really tell. […]