The pantry challenge

Full pantry but never know what to cook?

Do you want to reduce your waste but don't know where to begin? Start in your kitchen!

Stop going grocery shopping every week and learn how to use up everything that's in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Time to use up all those half-opened packets of food!

Wasting food.

You hate to waste food.

It makes you feel unthankful for being privileged enough to have food in your pantry.

What about all those people who don’t have anything to eat?

Who am I to waste food when there’s so much hunger in the world?

And yet, you keep buying more food. A trip to the supermarket to get rice quickly turns into a $30 bill.

And all of the food that you buy gets forgotten and you throw it in the trash, repeating the cycle.

But it’s possible to stop this cycle.

Are you spending a lot of money on food but still feel like you don’t have anything to eat?

Is your pantry and/or freezer overflowing yet you don’t know what to cook for dinner?

Do you keep finding packets of expired ingredients in your pantry?

Do you feel guilty about all the food (AND MONEY) you’re wasting?

It’s time to go through a pantry challenge.

pantry challenge?

Here’s how a pantry challenge works: you stop going to the grocery store and instead shop your pantry, fridge and freezer.

Whaaaat? No trips to the grocery store?

I get it, buying new food it’s more fun.

But do you know what’s more fun?

Having more money in your bank account at the end of the month.

When you’re doing a pantry challenge, you’re saving money because you’re not letting food go to waste. You know how easy it is to let food go bad.

“I’m going to buy this so I can eat it this week” turns to “I completely forgot about this…it’s rotten now”

Stop wasting money on food that never sees your stomach.

eating the same thing everyday?

A pantry challenge seems so boring…

Look, I understand that you can make the same meal everyday to use up that enormous amount of pasta that you have.

And yes you can spend an entire pantry challenge eating pasta everyday, if that’s your thing.

But I’d rather not eat the same thing every single day.

Doing a pantry challenge doesn’t have to equate to eating the same foods over and over again. You can eat delicious homemade food (that’s not pasta!) while doing a pantry challenge.

By the end of this pantry challenge, you’ll be more creative in the kitchen and won’t dread the question “what’s for dinner?”.

What's inside

The guide

A full guide to have a successful pantry challenge that works for you. Included: a formula to help you not feel overwhelmed.

Tips to make your pantry challenge fun

No one wants a boring challenge. That's why it's so important to make this fun and sustainable for you and your family!


Beautiful worksheets that help you throughout this pantry challenge, in a printable format or in Google Drive format.

Delicious recipes

Delicious recipes that are meant to help you use up ingredients and that you can customize according to what you have.

who am i?

I’m Catherine and I teach people how to save money and reduce waste by making more and buying less.

I believe in cooking and making do with what you already have.

I’m the person who likes to bake cookies with olive oil when there’s no butter at home – no need to go out and get butter to have some delicious cookies – who said that you can’t make cookies with olive oil?

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