Week 2 – August Pantry Challenge

by Cath

I already knew this would be a tough week for this challenge, specially since I spent the weekend at my parents. It immediately took some time away from the kitchen but it was such a a amazing weekend, I was able to relax. Not only that, on Sunday I participated in a artisan shoe workshop, which was great, I will share more in another post.

How did week 2 go?

Last Wednesday, we’re both tired from work, arriving late, without any motivation to cook and nothing prepared to quickly make something so dinner was pizza, the ones bought in the supermarket.

Thursday, we had to travel for work and only ended up arriving at 10pm home, so bread and ham was our meal.

From Friday to Sunday, I didn’t eat in Porto so nothing was spent from the pantry/freezer/fridge.

Monday, for dinner we had pork belly in the oven accompanied by rice and zucchini. One more huge zucchini spent 😀

Japanese curry cubes

Yesterday for lunch, I had some leftover rice and zucchini with some leftover rooster that my mom cooked on Sunday and for dinner we used a packet of curry cubes that we bought in Japan. It’s amazing how fast time passes and we still didn’t eat it all, don’t know why honestly because it’s super good and quick to make. The expiry date is actually today but we only have one packet left and we’re going to use it up. In the curry I also added all the remaining carrots in the fridge and half of a zucchini. The zucchini plant that gave it was born in this apartment and was then moved to my parents. It’s nice to eat something that you helped grow. Even if it was just in the beginning.

Today, since it was a holiday day we ate bread for lunch and for dinner (photo above), I used two slices of fish that were on the fridge and put it in the oven with some salt and oregano. As sides, I added some zucchini and some leftovers green beans that my mom cooked on Sunday.

How was your week? I’m counting on having more time to plan my meals this week and let’s see if I finally make meals with Wakame that I have here, I’ve been investigating and already have some ideas!

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