Goodbye 2017!

by Cath

When I said goodbye to 2016, I really wanted to focus more on my self-confidence. I still believe I’m not there yet and I feel like I got worst this year, ou maybe just got more conscious of my lack of self-confidence, can’t really tell.

2017 was harder than 2016 but a lot of good things have happened. Here are 2017’s highlights:

  • Japan – This one needed to be the first of the list because both me and Daniel wanted to visit this country for a long time and it was an amazing trip, Japan is truly a very different country of what we’ve seen so far and it was our first big trip together outside of work.
  • A Granel – The website was launched in February and it has evolved a lot this year and I love to see how useful it is for other people.
  • 28 books read – Most of the books were read in the second semester of 2017, but I did reach my 20 books reading goal. I always put my reading goal below what I think I can actually read, mainly because I never know how the year will be and I always like to have at least one goal achieved! I’m cheating right?
  • A2 in Spanish – My company offered me spanish classes, since I’ve been working for quite a while with countries which talk only Spanish, and got this certificate. I learned a lot and really liked the teacher. It’s amazing the amount of errors I was doing until these classes, “portunhol” it’s not quite Spanish!
  • Tikal and Yaxhá – Most of my time in Guatemala was spent in Guatemala city (which I don’t recommend at all since it’s considered a dangerous city), however I had the opportunity to visit these two Maya cities and it was totally worth it. If you ever consider a visit, book a guide as they know everything about the history behind these two cities.
  • Coaching – Getting coached was totally outside my comfort zone but it was really good to talk about some things that were upsetting me for a while and understand more about myself and my own values. I totally recommend Sofia de Assunção, I loved the way she works.
  • Discovering 2 Indian restaurants that we like in Porto – It may seem such an insignificant problem but ever since Daniel and I stopped going to New Zealand for work, we’re really craving good Indian food (especially a good naan) and until this year we couldn’t find one that we enjoyed! I’m so glad we found not only one but TWO! If you’re curious, here are the selected: Thali and Real Indiana.
  • Visit Croatia with my friends – I don’t watch Game of Thrones. Yes, it’s true everyone that I know has tried to convince me to watch it, but I’m afraid that I’ll get addicted and stop doing anything other than watch this tv show (and I also hate to feel so much pressure from the world to watch it). However Croatia should be visited regardless whether or not you’re a Game of Thrones fan, it’s a beautiful country! One day I’d like to revisit it with Daniel because I found it a great place to enjoy with a boyfriend, because of that whole intimate and relaxing vibe.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day! – Me and a couple of girlfriends went to visit one friend of ours that lives in Dublin and we ended up celebrating Ireland’s national holiday there! It was super fun but I’m not a huge fan of the weather to be honest

I love doing these lists because looking back a lot of great things have happened this year, so many things to be grateful for. It’s sometimes hard to get that perspective.

I wish you all a good New Year’s Eve! I’ll be sharing my 2018 goals with you tomorrow!

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