Fleamarket Porto – buying used in Porto

by Cath

I truly believe in buying used (probably will post about it soon) and I also believe that even with the best intentions when buying, we end up not wearing that beautiful dress as many times as we pictured or we never use that awesome kitchen gadget because it’s a pain to wash it. That’s why buying and selling used it’s so important, your objects will have opportunity to be used more by someone else.

As for buying used, there’s a market in Porto to do it. It’s called Fleamarket Porto, also known as, feira da pulga. It’s a monthly event where people can buy/sell their used stuff, but around 60% are clothes to be fair.

The market is pretty lively and there’s a really good ambiance. If you want to buy some snacks or some coffee there, you can too! Last month, they introduced a seamstress that does small fixes for the clothes that you just bought for free! It’s a good way to promote clothes repair, sometimes a small fix makes all the difference in the world!

The event takes place in a different place every month and in the month of December, it’ll be in the 7th floor of Silo Auto. The best way to to keep up to date with the market and when it’ll take place, it’s the fleamarket’s facebook. Unfortunately they don’t always create events every month so it’s a little bit harder to know when the market will be without scrolling through their publications.

Fleamarket Porto - artigos à venda

Everything I bought in September’s fleamarket

The photos that I’m showing here are from September, the fleamarket was in Marquês. I was super lucky that month! I bought a cute warm coat! I’m super cold all the time and I’ve been looking for a warm coat for a while but haven’t found one that both me and my wallet liked.

Oven dish – 2€

It’s the size of our oven! We’re being fans of doing roast and it’s big enough to make our lunches for the whole workweek.

Warm green coat (Mango) – 25€

Green warm coat (Mango)

You can see my happy face after I bought this (I know I look like a dork but I was seriously happy)! Big plus: it’s a coat for all seasons – the lining is attached with zippers so it can be easily removed. Big disadvantage: it’s a pain to iron =D

2 Tops- 5€

Tops Forever 21 and Zara

Nothing special but I thought they were pretty to wear during Summer. The white is from Zara, the black one from Forever 21.

One thing that I love is that it’s only 13€ to sign up to sell your used stuff in the market! It’s affordable to the average person which means that there’s lot of variety every month, not every fleamarket is the same. I’ll be going, as a seller, this month with a friend! We’re super excited to see what it’ll be like!

Fleamarket - artigos à venda

I really like going to this market! Have you had a chance to visit?

Buying used in Porto - Fleamarket

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