About Me

by Cath

I’m Catherine, born in the 30th of October. I was born in France (hence my name) but been living in Portugal for most of my life so I don’t really identify myself as French.

Ever since I was a child I had access to computers and ended up forever bound with the Internet and technology. That pretty much justifies why I’m a full-time software engineer, programming and making things work is truly my passion. I think that’s the reason why I also love to do all sorts of diy projects and crafts, I like to create. In my spare time, that means yarn translates to a sweater. At work, is code to computer program.

This blog was previously called “Creations” and then “Dreamy Colours”, both of them were related to my love in drawing and crafts. Now this is “Random Cath”. I’ve changed the name because I’m not consistent to the arts and crafts theme anymore and really wanted to have the freedom to write whatever fancies me at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s still something that I enjoy a lot so you’ll see plenty of it.

Other ways you can reach me besides the blog:

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