Watercoloring One Piece and Flowers…

by Cath

Wow! It has been some very busy days, I’ve an assignment to deliver today and we have been working hard on it. Fortunately after spending most afternoon doing it it’s practically done! I could sneak out and relax a little bit to post here 🙂
As I said recently, I used my watercolors a lot during Easter! I’ll be posting all the pages, 2 at a time so it doesn’t crowd a single post.

The first page is about One Piece…I watched way too many episodes of One Piece during Easter. It was the perfect activity when I didn’t want to do anything 🙂

The second page is some flowers that were in my backyard. It was great being outside and paint for a while, sitting in the grass with a perfect weather (not something I can say now, it has been raining a lot these past few days and it’s really cold).

I scanned the pages, not sure if it was the right way to show them to you but the pages were a little bit hard to photograph!

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