Things I’m Loving Lately: June

by Cath

I kinda wanted some place to write all the things I’m interested or are making me happy at the moment so decided to use the same format that I see in other blogs: a compilation of some highlights of the month, since this is the first month, and I started writing this at the beginning of July, I’m throwing here a few things related to July, hopefully you’ll forgive me!

The Charlotte Letter

One of my favorite bloggers, Charlotte Crowley, created a newsletter called “The Charlotte Letter” and every time it arrives I get super excited to read it (issue #2 went to the spam folder and only noticed it a few days later .__. all fixed now). Issue #2 talked about adult friendships and to be honest that really hit me hard. Adult friendships are hard and if you’re a overthinker, it’s probably even worst. At least I cannot stop thinking about everything that I might say that will make people not like me anymore. Issue #3 mentioned decisions and honestly she again put it into words what I’ve been feeling for a long time, as I grow up making decisions has become harder. I’m not a picky eater and I always have a hard time choosing what I want to eat in a restaurant, I want everything! But in the past few months I’ve been trying to make the decision quick and I think I’m getting better. So go sign up! You won’t regret it!

I started following Safia in twitter a few months ago and can’t help having a huge girl crush on her – she’s totally badass and she’s currently working on a new product called Zarf: “zarf is an online platform that allows writers to sell subscription content to their readers. instead of writing and editing in one platform, managing subscriptions and payments in another, and getting analytics on readership in yet another platform, zarf provides a one-stop shop for writers looking to bring their valuable content to the web and readers looking to support and read from their favorite creators.“. The best thing about it? She podcasts about her progress and it’s amazing to listen these kind of podcasts. Mostly because I’m always thinking about creating a side business and she’s doing it!


I went with Croatia with my friends and I loved it! I might return and visit it with my boyfriend someday. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy the weather and see beautiful beaches. Dubrovnik is such a quirky city, I loved the ambience of the whole city (pictured in this post’s photo).
If you ever visit, just buy water shoes before you hit the beach, it’s not that amazing sand that we see in Portugal, only rocks plus sea urchins. One of my friends accidentally step on a sea urchin and it wasn’t fun.

Having breakfast and dinner in the sunroom

I’m not exactly sure if it’s a sunroom or a balcony because all the sunrooms in google images seem like really fancy, we call it marquise in Portuguese but anyway, it’s a small space, with windows to the outside. We usually eat in the kitchen but the kitchen doesn’t have any windows and eating “almost outside” is really refreshing and peaceful. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time but never ended up doing it and last Sunday, decided to put a small table there and it has been great! It’s amazing how something so small manages to make my day so bright.

One year of RandomCath

Technically my blog is not one year-old since I migrated all the posts from my previous blog to this one, HOWEVER a year ago I decided to move the blog to a different direction: do everything that most people say to avoid doing in a blog: don’t focus. And I think it’s a great decision, I don’t have this blog to make money anyway. When I decided to start blogging again, I just really wanted to write wherever was on my mind and connect with other bloggers. And during this year, I managed to write 36 posts, additionally for 5 months, I wrote religiously one post a week, so yes I’m happy.

That’s it for today! Hope you’ve a great weekend!

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