More Index Cards!

More Index Cards!

Since it’s Sunday I let myself sleep more than I used to. Even if I have to study for exams Sunday always seem like a sacred day and at least let me sleep until noon.
I’m going to show you these week’s index cards!

Sometimes it bothers me how people say how lucky I am. They are right: I am lucky. But I also work hard and everyone (even myself) makes my accomplishments pure luck.

I drew this inspired by the professor from Nichijou (an anime I finished watching a couple days ago). She’s way too cute and loved snacks!

Studying, studying…can I just sleep all day long?

Pretty Little Liars is airing again! *—–*

This is so true…I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way that I do.

Well these were the cards from last week! I’m going to cook my lunch and start studying! Wish me luck for this week’s exams 🙂

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