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by Cath

I believe that living in another country makes us more patriots. We miss home and we realize that our country is not as bad as we think, it definitely changes our perspective.
Something that really impressed me was the quality of our food and how we take it for granted. I’m sorry kiwis but Portuguese food is way better! Grilled fish with a tomato and bell pepper salad? SO GOOD!

That said, I want to support Portugal more! We Portuguese people have the habit to buy the cheapest and move on. I’m guilty of this as well, more than most probably. 1€ vs 1,39€? Don’t doubt that I’ll choose the one at 1€. Portugal is not in a good place right now and any saving can add up, specially for families that are counting their pennies, 39 cents can buy 2 breads!
Right now I can afford to pay a little bit more so instead of looking at the pirce only, I want to look at the origin as well. If I’ve to pay 39 cents more to help a Portuguese company, I’ll do it. Why? It might seem like nothing but buying Portuguese means contribute to the growth of our economy, which translates in more jobs and increasingly make a better future.

I don’t believe in an easy change and I’m giving myself some slack to figure out where to buy some of the products. I also don’t believe in having an all-or-nothing attitude, while I still want to support my country I don’t want to miss out on all the interesting things that I find from other countries. I bought beauty products made in Japan and I’m not going to ban them just because they are not made in Portugal. I will however choose shoes made in Portugal instead of shoes made in China.

If you are interested in starting out this journey with me, an easy way to start is to look for this symbol:

Logo Portugal Sou Eu

Let’s support Portugal!

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