3 Reasons Why I Hated Living in New Zealand

by Cath

New Zealand is an amazing country, wonderful landscapes to see and the city of Auckland has a huge diversity of cultures, having said that nothing is perfect. I’ve presented you with the 5 reasons why I loved living in New Zealand, now presenting you 3 reasons (honestly couldn’t find more) on a few things that were not so good in NZ.

Everything is so expensive

Let’s first start by saying that I do know that it’s almost impossible to beat Portugal in terms of prices. However what shocked me the most when I arrived in New Zealand was how snacks, chocolates and soft drinks are super cheap but vegetables, fruit and water were super expensive. Buy 1kg of oranges? 5€. I suffered a little bit in the beginning as fruit addict.

The food is not that good

I’ll start off by saying that most of the time I was in the city and I imagine that better food would be found in the countryside. Having said that, I’m used to eat good food, in Portugal we have really good food. I had primarily a hard time with the bread… As a Portuguese woman I eat tons of bread where even in the grocery store you can find good bread. In Auckland, unless you go somewhere that specializes in bread, I don’t think you’ll find the quality you might be used to.
I got to try out food from other countries and to be honest those are the ones that will make me want to go back to NZ and eat them. I became fan of Indian food in NZ but I won’t miss the fish and chips and neither the pizza with tons of sauce on top of it (why ruin a simple yet good food?).

The internet is awful

I love to be in the internet, is one of my favorite things to do, read blogs, watch videos, this makes me feel at home. I’ve been my whole childhood surfing the internet, what can you expect?
Imagine my frustration when I’ve slow internet that’s constantly failing..
Also, internet is limited! They’ve been doing changes to their infrastructure and there are better plans now, but it has been years since any service provider offers limited internet services in Portugal. And be prepared to not have internet whenever you’re staying, or to pay for it, usually in Europe you can get wifi for free, even in hostels. Not in New Zealand.

None of these motives is big enough to stop anyone from moving to New Zealand and to be honest, I believe lots of people would love to live there.

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