Review: Calbee – Salad Chips

by Cath

I’m a huge fan of videos and blog posts that review weird products. I don’t know why but I guess that I always like some novelty in my life.
A couple of months ago I bought these chips and both me and my boyfriend tried them out.
They’re called “ベジたべる あっさりサラダ味”, which means “Eat vegetarian – lightly salad flavor chips” and are sold in 55g package.
Inside there are chips with three different colors:
Colbee - Sarada Chips Opened

In the package they claim that each color has a variety of vegetables mixed in, for example green chips have spinach and green peppers.
I didn’t feel that much flavor coming out of the chips, mostly the peppers were more prominent.

Verdict: We were not fans of these chips, they are almost tasteless, you can feel how fake they are.. I can say that the only thing that I found good about them was that they were crunchy…
Score: 0.5/5

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