Participating in ICAD!

Well even with lots of exams I decided to be on this challenge. I’ll only make 5 a week and that’s a great goal for me. Almost every morning (I wake up earlier) and during lunch I’ve been working on the cards, it’s a great way to relax a little bit. I only found this kind of cards (not the regular index cards) but I think I’m not breaking the rules!
I’ll try to post every Saturday with the cards from the week but I can’t promise! Here are the cards for the first week:
Doodling my name, love the colors!

I really need to study…

Making a grid out of receipts.

This one looks a little weird because I had to edit the color since my scanner got it all wrong! But don’t you agree that yellow is such a happy color?

Love the simplicity of the dragonfly with a touch of watercolor in the background.

About my exams…my first exam didn’t go well so all my motivation to study is pretty much gone. I need to find it somewhere ASAP.

3 thoughts on “Participating in ICAD!

  1. great index cards! As for studying…umm…just not sure about that. One of my favorite quotes is: Live like you’ll die tomorrow, learn like you’ll live forever. Good luck with the studying, you won’t be sorry you did it!

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