Watercolor Palette

by Cath
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When I received my watercolors I decided to make a palette with all the colors my set had. While it was super simple I really liked painting this.
The photos were taken with my analog camera because at the time I didn’t have my digital. I tried to focus for the first photo the brushes and for the second capture both the brushes and the paper. Having a SLR gives me the opportunity to do this kind of stuff which is always so much fun![:pt]

Quando recebi as minhas aguarelas decidi fazer uma palette com todas as cores que ela tinha. Embora simples gostei bastante de pintar isto. As fotos foram tiradas com a analógica porque na altura estava sem a minha digital. Tentei focar na primeira os pinceis e depois capturar tanto os pinceis como a folha. Ter uma SLR permite fazer das coisas e é sempre divertido![:]

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