More watercolor pages

I’ve been a little bit quiet in the blog with all the work with college. Although if I wasn’t so lazy I could still continue to blog like normal. I’m definitely not perfect! Laziness wins many times!
Here are two more pages of my watercolor journal.

I was drawing this when I was watching the final episode of Top Chef. I never watched the american version, this was actually the version that aired on France. Watching french cooking shows it’s one of my favorite things to do and it’s wonderful to see so many talented and passionate people. When Masterchef aired in Portugal I didn’t watch more than one episode because I felt they lacked that passion that I see on the french. This makes me want to visit France even more badly. I can imagine myself tasting all these amazing foods. And it would be great if I could practice my french too (I understand it quite well but I’m not that good at speaking it).

The second page is just a simple drawing, I love her hair.

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