Happy Easter

I don’t give Easter a special attention to be honest, Christmas is truly my favorite holiday. But last year I started to have an idea about inspiring people during Easter. Then I saw a tutorial and everything connected. I decided that I’d put quotes inside eggs. How I did these eggs: cutted only a little bit of them, removed what was inside, cleaned it very well, let it completely dry, put small quotes in them and covered the egg with crepe paper. It was super simple but it took so much time, that’s why you’re only hearing about it so late. Last year I didn’t get a chance to hide them. I’m calling this project “Acredita em ti” (Believe in you in portuguese). I’ll be sharing the quotes I put inside the eggs every Wednesday for now on, hope you find them inspiring as well. If you’re reading this because you found my egg, I’m really glad and I hope finding it brighten your day. If you didn’t get any egg, no problem I did get a chance to take lots of photos! Get ready!

This photo makes the rabbit look like a psychopath, when I saw this before editing the images I laughed really hard. I had to make it look more psycho so I put in black and white. I think it gave him more credibility.

Happy Easter for you all!