Bedsheet Dress

When I saw this tutorial I knew I had to make something like this. I love all the hippie look, the maxi dresses, the headband and this was the perfect opportunity to see how I looked in one. This is a bedsheet (I actually don’t know if it’s the right term for this, it’s like a huge cover for the main blanket) my parents used for years (I asked my mom and it was more than 10 years) until the fabric started to become really weak. For me it has the perfect pattern and color! Initially I started sewing this on my sewing machine but as I said here, my sewing machine has lots of problems so I hand sewed the long ends of the dress because I really wanted this dress! It took me two relaxing afternoons watching “The Event”.

Last night I was sick of seeing my almost finished dress lying around I grabbed my sewing machine and manage to not have problems with it (perhaps it was its on will) and finished my dress!

I like it very much, it’s definately not perfect but I don’t care. Hope you like it!

Two dresses in a week? Gotta love finishing projects 😀

Hope this inspires you to create something!

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