Vestido Azul

What happens when I’ve lots of projects to finish? I start new ones. It all started when I saw this tutorial a few weeks ago, I left it open in my browser waiting for some time to do it, then yesterday morning I saw this tutorial, which is the same concept. This project was definately calling me, it was destiny! After lunch I started a new dress 🙂 It took me almost all the afternoon because my sewing machine has some kind of problem with its tension, it was repaired last year and still has this problem, check out all this thread:

So 50% of the time I was cutting thread and sewing it all over again. But I said to myself I’m not going to give up, since I’ve lots of projects to finish I wanted to start and finish this dress in the same day. And by the end of the afternoon it was finished 🙂 I actually think I spent almost two hours sewing the strip I was pulling my hair at this point! But everything went fine 🙂 I actually think I’ll buy some pretty ribbon to use here, I think yellow would look amazing here!
It’s pretty hot lately but I’m wearing tights because it was a little bit chilly when I took these photos, I guess this will make a very good winter dress too! It’s a little bit heavy, perfect! I bought this fabric last summer to make a summer skirt but my mom said it was way too heavy to make what I was thinking so I gave up. I’m glad I had the fabric to do this, I love it so much and it has my favorite color.

If you are wondering the rectangle dimensions are 65cmx75cm, in the end I was thinking in taking a little bit on the sides but my mom said it made me more boobs and I forgot that the idea in the same instant 🙂

I love it with a belt too!

Just realized that I look a little bit weird in the photos, apologies for that! I don’t have posing skills.

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  1. When I had the same problem with my thread bunching up … it was my bobbin case that needed replacing. It’s kinda expensive, about 60 bucks for the replacement plus labor for the repair man. good luck fixing!

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