Caixinha de Inspiração

Everyday I see writing prompts and one day I found so many of them that I decided to print a few and make a little box with them. I used a old coffee jar and changed it a little bit. I really liked the result but it’s a shame that we can see glue in one of the sides but I was in one of those days where I didn’t care much about being a perfeccionist. I hope I can fill my “little box” of prompts to use it whenever I can =)

I saw this little poem in the net and I decided to use it, I find it truly beautiful and totally true.

What about you also make a box full of suggestions for those days without inspiration? Sometimes there are days or even weeks that we don’t have a single drop of inspiration and we need a little push. These prompts are great to reflect about certain aspects in our life or to imagine ourselves in a complete different world. Try it!

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