A mala de jornal e a saia às bolinhas

Remember when one of my summer resolutions was to travel? I took it to a different level, since I worked almost all the summer and couldn’t really travel I decided that my travel would be a sewing workshop. I did it two Thursdays and it was just amazing, leaving work and being able to de stress. I’ve been wanting to learn sewing for so long and never got really the opportunity. In the workshop I made this bag:

I just love it, it’s not perfect but for me it’s really special. Now in the winter I don’t usually carry it (it’s raining everyday) but I couldn’t not use it before that. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I did that 🙂
And after sewing the bag I sewed the polka-dot blue skirt =) Instructions here.

It has a label written in cross stitch, I didn’t take any picture of it but some day I’ll show you. Unfortunately it doesn’t look very good on me. Not trying to bring my issues to this blog but the skirts adds me a few kg. It really kills me because I loved to be able to start wearing skirts (because how I wouldn’t wear a skirt made by me?) and I hate to see it in a drawer. Maybe when I’ve some free time I’ll sew another thing out of it. I’m no specialist but I hope someday my sewing skills will improve, for now I’m just proud of what I did.

2 thoughts on “A mala de jornal e a saia às bolinhas

  1. Que mala maravilhosa!!! Adoro o formato e os tecidos. É única!
    A saia é muito própria para uma jovem como tu. Possivelmente o volume formado pelo tecido na cintura é fora do habitual, mas eu gosto muito.
    É fantástico, não é, vermos o que fizemos com distanciamento e interrogarmo-nos se, efectivamente, fomos nós que as realizámos?!
    Parabéns, continua, embora eu saiba que é muito difícil encontrar o tempo para tal.

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