Watercolor Palette

There’s still almost two weeks before my school begins again but I’m going to start to post less often, I loved to post almost everyday during the holidays but with college it’ll be pretty impossible so I’m trying to save up a few posts for later 🙂 I’ve been super lazy lately, watching tv shows, doing nothing special really. I’m trying to cease the last few days, relaxing a lot without worrying about anything. But I’m still crafting of course 🙂
I’ve been doing some experiments with watercolors, inspired by this I made my own watercolor palette. This made me realize that I want more vivid colors in my watercolor set.

It was something so simple and peaceful to do.
btw if you don’t know the blog Elvie Studio, you’re missing a lot, seriously she’s so talented, I’m always happy when she posts something new! She’s one of the reasons I’ve been very inspired to try new things with watercolors! Lori has an unique style and everything she does it’s simply amazing! (can you tell I’m her fan?)

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