Thoughts on the Non-Spending Month

This challenge was amazing, I learned a lot from it. I don’t spend too much money in crafts to be honest (don’t have it can’t spend it) but this year I couldn’t spending anything so I set this challenge to myself.

I learned a lot from it, not being able to spend anything I saw what I had, I felt I had more ideas because I knew I couldn’t go anywhere else for materials, everything was on my hand within my reach. I had lots of bursts of creativity, little lights in my head telling me: “you should do this”, “if you use this you can do something pretty”. It was really amazing. I did a lot of things this month…

…I sewed a lot (not only with my sewing machine but by hand too) Kai no Kuchi, Vestido Azul, Bedsheet Dress
…I decoupaged a wooden box
…I turned old things that didn’t have much use to me to something pretty like my Drawing Notebook and my Canvas Painting
…I tried new techniques like Tea Dyeing
…I had guest posters that made this month even greater with some ideas: Lavender Wand, Cheap Scrapbooking, Nature Art Journal

If you feel without any ideas I believe you should do this, being restricted by something made me much more creative and if you’re anything like me you cannot pass a challenge!

And don’t forget!

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