A Capa Colorida

Lately it’s been crazy! Lots of works to deliver, staying up late to do them (some times several times in a row), programming, programming, it’s all I’ve been doing. Today it was my first exam and I still got 4 left. I’ve been really busy around here, but thinking that I’m going to France in the holidays always makes me happy 🙂
Last week when I went home, tired of everything, I decided to give myself a morning of vacation. I had a work to deliver later that day but it’s was almost done I decided that I deserved that. I didn’t stop that week. So what did I do? I saw an old folder in the house and decided that it was perfect to carry my study sheets.
From this awful green:

To this:

I loved the result to be honest 🙂 It’s a shame I didn’t have any ribbon to match the folder and it end up staying with the old one. I’ll probably trade it to a prettier one when I’ve some time.
Well I’ve to go. I’m going to bed early to rest and be ready for tomorrow study! I think my posts these weeks will only be from the section “Let Music Give You…” and maybe I right some posts about my plans for my trip to France, I don’t have much time but I’ll see if I can write them 🙂

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