Technicolor Thursday challenge

When I saw this post I knew right away that I needed to do this. It inspired me to have a palette with the colours I’d use. To be honest, I never thought it’d be so difficult. Trying to incorporate everything and at the same time making it pretty. Sometimes I worry way too much about perfection, some days are harder than others. Some days art journaling is all about trying new stuff without worrying about the outcome. Some other days it’s a mental plan of what to do and I’m afraid to do permanent stuff because I don’t want to mess up what is already done. But I had lots of fun creating this, I tried new techniques too. The only thing I’m not completely happy with it, is that I shouldn’t have written in black. It seems a little bit off.

Participate in this challenge! It doesn’t have to be art journaling! And check out “Awkward and Beautiful”, I love to read this blog!

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