This year I didn’t write a list of goals during New Year’s, I wrote it in my birthday. I wrote a list of 19 goals that I’d do before my 20th birthday. I’ve seen it a lot in other blogs: 19 before 20 goals. So why should we write our goals in our birthdays?
1. We realize that we’re getting older.
I know I’m not exactly in a good position to call myself old but…lately in my birthdays I’ve been realizing that I’m getting older really quickly and I’ve still way too many things to do. It’s easier to write our goals when we feel like time is slipping away.
2. It’s not New Year’s
Every year blogs fill up with resolutions, with guides to help you stick with your resolutions, it can be overwhelming sometimes. I actually find it very inspiring but what if I can’t do all my goals? I guess the pressure is greater if you wrote them during New Year’s.
3. It’s just fun!
For me it looks way more fun feel like I started my resolutions earlier than everyone else and I’m gonna finish them before everyone else.
So why I’m telling you all of this? Because one of my resolution is to make 50 of 100 keri smith ideas. Here’s a pic of one of them:

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