Texan In Tokyo – The End

by Cath

While the internet can have so many bad things I’ve to say that for me it has given way more than I could expect. Over the years using the internet I’ve learned so much that I would never otherwise.
Today I decided just to share something about my favorite vlogger, Texan in Tokyo.

It’s weird how you attach to someone you never met and never talked to.
I occasionally commented on her videos but we never talked more than that. I remember starting to watch her channel, get addicted, watch all her videos, it was so much fun.
Everytime a new “Day in my Life” video appeared I’d watch it as soon as possible. My boyfriend started to watch the videos with me and we loved how Grace and Ryosuke were such a fun couple. Everytime we talk about “Texan In Tokyo”, we say “It’s a Texan in Tokyo show, PIIIIM”. My boyfriend is not much of a vlog watcher and it was great for me to see him enjoying these videos.

Grace writes comics and I’ve bought all her books so far as a way of supporting their work. And I donated a little bit in the beginning of the year as well. It was the first time I ever did that, and you know what? They truly deserve it and to be able to support their work in any way was the least I could do since they made my days happier. When I’ve a tough day at work, watching their videos always brings a smile to my face, I see this adorable couple and their interactions and can’t help it to leave all the bad stuff behind.

I’m sure that their career on youtube was not easy, self-employment never is, but from the bottom of my heart, I’m truly grateful that I’ve been able to watch a glimpse of their life, their relationship and the country they live in.

And now, with them leaving Youtube and everything else, I can’t help feeling sad. I had a little bit of hope to be able to meet them at some event in Japan some time in the future. Not going to happen but that’s okay. I’m really happy that they moved to a new stage of their life, having kids! I honestly think they will be the best parents ever (besides my own of course!)! And I had already noticed that it was something that they wanted to do (in a Q&A video) but were struggling to make a decision because of Youtube. Their lives are more important than Youtube and I hope the best for them!

If you never watched their channel, go do it now. Thank you Grace and Ryosuke for everything, you guys impacted more lives than you probably know! Hope the best for this new stage of your lives!

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