Little by little

I can’t believe in less than two weeks I’ll be starting my first real “grown-up” job. When did I get here? Not too long ago I was starting college. It’s like it was yesterday. I feel like I grew a lot these past three years yet I’m still just a child. Like that Britney Spears’ song: I’m not a girl not yet a woman(I was so addicted to that song when I was younger)! I don’t know what the future holds and I never felt so scared by not knowing but I decided not to care anymore, I’ll just do what I always do: try my best to get it done- even if I need to wing it.
I always feel hesitant about talking about personal stuff here since people who come here are looking for craft projects but all this is a huge part of me and I can’t just ignore it.
That’s what has been on my mind lately. I’m not working in too many craft projects at the moment. I’m trying to finish my girl in cross stitch and I’ve been drawing.

Meanwhile I will leave you with a photo of all the small threads that gather while I’m stitching.

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