Trip to Paris I

These Paris posts will continue for a while. I hope that sharing my experience will make other people dream of visiting France!

I woke up around 5am. I got dressed and called a taxi to the bus station. Took a bus at 6am to Porto airport. Waited a while in the airport (the flight was only at 8). Flew to Paris.

Although I know I already traveled by plane (when I was younger with my parents) I don’t remember it so this was a different experience. Porto is really beautiful in the air. You can see all the little houses and the cars, it seems like a playground you can play it. Paris wasn’t much like this near the Paris Orly airport. I arrived and my dad’s friend came pick me up. We had lunch and then went to his daughter’s house (where I stayed). I arrived, met her kids and we went to the Marne. The house was really close to the river so it was really great. We played some monopoly then their parents arrived, we had dinner and it was pretty much it. Didn’t do much in the first day.

I woke up fully rested around 5am and decided to leave very early. It was Bastille day and if you really want to see something of the parade you’ve to arrive early. I arrived to Paris and before going to Champs Élysées I went to Louvre. That’s the first time I actually realized I was in Paris. It was super weird but I was happy. After leaving Louvre and walking A LOT (everything was blocked) I arrived. It was about 8h.

I thought the parade would begin at 9h. So waiting an hour was doable. At 9h I realized that the parade would only begin at 10. I started to become impatient. I decided that after seeing the first leave I would also leave. Waiting so much time is definitely not my cup of tea. I walked and walked again, trying to find Louvre. In the middle of my walk I decided to buy a croissant (how I was I in France without tasting a croissant?) It gave me strength to keep walking. I arrived to Louvre, sat and sketched for a while. The people I was with invited me to go to a birthday party and I had to be at 13h at home. When I arrived to the party I realized that it was one of those whole day parties and since I didn’t know anyone it really sucked. It felt like an all afternoon wasted. The only advantage was that we were close to my old school (when I lived in France) and they took me there. It didn’t change from what I remember. It was amazing to be able to connect with my past.

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