A day in Paris

I’m ready to talk about my trip to France. I confess it took a while but I needed some time to absorb everything and I’ve been a little busy looking for a job. But today I’m ready to starting to share what it was like.
I was lucky to be able to stay one entire week in France because I had free lodging. A friend of my dad offered to give me shelter. I’ll be eternally grateful. They were amazing and I don’t think they realized what it meant to me. I was not exactly in Paris but I had trains to take me there everyday so no problem. Today I’m going to talk about how were my days in France like.
I woke up around 6 am, take a bath, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to the train station (around 15/20 minutos by foot) and take a train to Paris. When I arrived to Chatelet I took some kind of metro for the place I wanted to go. Then I spent the entire day walking around Paris and when time for lunch arrived I would go to some kind of park. I used to go to Luxembourg Park, it was really beautiful and I knew I had a good bathroom for 40 cents. I would eat a baguette with something (most of the time ham) and some water. I would stay in the park for a while just resting because I was too tired for walking during the entire morning. Then in the afternoon I did the same thing that I did during the mornings: lost and wandering in Paris, sometimes looking for something specific, sometimes just admiring the scenery.
Around 18/18h30 I would catch a train so I wouldn’t arrive too late at home (I didn’t want them to get worried). I would eat dinner (they insisted for me to eat dinner with them, one of the days I was the one to make dinner) and a little bit late I would go to sleep. I couldn’t spend much time awake after dinner because I was so tired. In France I was always tired but it was really worth it. The only thing I did before going to sleep was to write a little bit about the day (I really want to put it on record).
And this was a day in France! Next post I will try to detail a little bit more how it was like 🙂

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