Year on Review 2011 – Part 1

2011 was a great year for this blog! It grew a lot. Mostly because I put a lot of effort here even when I didn’t have much time. Of course it’s noticeable that I was completely free on August, I posted almost everyday! But I truly think that it was amazing this year for my blog and I believe 2012 will be also amazing. One of my resolution last year was to post 200 posts, I reached 159! I think it’s a great accomplishment 🙂
I’m going to talk a little bit about what happened last year.


I was completely exhausted from college this semester. I was desperate to do something craft related during Christmas holidays, this means my room was a total mess.
I talked about something I did in the summer: Polka dot skirt & Newspaper Bag.
I didn’t made any resolution in the new year but instead did it a couple months earlier in my birthday:
I posted many art journal pages: You Can’t Please Anyone EVER & A Walk to Remember


This month I had lots of exams (like in January) and I was tired but I was also completely obsessed with art journaling. I talked about how much I wanted to improve my drawing and start believing myself more.
Art Journal Pages: Technicolor Thursday & Strips of Paper & January & Dream BIG


I talked a little bit about how life not always is perfect but beautiful ice rocks that only mother nature can make also show us how beautiful life is. I also posted about my love for dresses and my inspiration jar.


I showed you my first cross stitch earrings and later opened up a online shop! I went geocaching for the first time and to a cyanotype workshop!


I bought a ticket to go to France and I was so excited about it! I made marbles without magnets and a simple bracelet that served as a good reminder.


I talked about my best day ever, I was very happy because I felt tired and wasn’t sure this 2nd of college would end very well. I made plans to go visit Louvre in France. I made something look amazing with a little bit of paint!

Tomorrow be ready for part 2!

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