My birthday was this last Sunday, as I expected I didn’t do anything special. But I thought about life a lot. I can’t believe I’m 20 now, 20 seems like a whole different level, a different responsibility, I don’t feel different but thinking on turning 20 mades me think how much I’ll have to grow these next years. I’ll start to work, there’s so many things that wait for me. I don’t have a dreamy version of life, unfortunately (or fortunately since I’m more prepared) I know that it won’t be a life full of roses, many things will be hard on me. But I also know that I’ll do anything to follow my dreams, I’m not letting this crisis put me down.
This decade of the 20s seems like an adventure and I’m ready for it!

Thank you to everyone who read my blog, I’m really happy that I can share what I like the most with you!

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