I’ve got three projects pending to show you, they’re almost finished but I’ve been a little bit lazy about finishing projects so today I just wanted to share a little love of mine 🙂 ANIME! Seriously in the beginning of my vacations I started to watch Bleach and a little while ago catched up on all episodes (which by the way they’re more than 300) xD Love it so much 🙂 Then there’s Marmalade Boy and Death Note that I finished watching during Christmas…I seriously have a problem 🙂 But it’s okay!

Bleach – Seriously I just wished that they were new episodes everyday! Some people say that it’s gotten worst, of course there are some episodes that I don’t like that much but I’m totally in love with all the story and will continue to watch! I actually dreamt a few times lately about Bleach, I think it’s withdrawal xD.

Kimi ni Todoke – cutest anime ever, I couldn’t stop watching it! I cried in so many episodes, no kidding! I think the first 3 episodes were the worst (and the last ones too) in terms of crying. It’s a beautiful love story <3
Ouran High School – I started watching this today at the end of the afternoon and I’m already at episode 12! This is so funny, I’m always laughing during the episodes 🙂
btw the images are not by me but the authors of these animes obviously.
Just wanted to share my love with you and what I mostly do when I’m not working/crafting/reading. A little bit geek right? And I’ll continue to be addicted to new ones everyday!

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