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Kendra has an amazing blog, I love her posts talking about what she does during the day and she’s got some wonderful photographs, they all look so dreamy. Besides she’s a super creative person take a look at her blog and you’ll see ­čÖé

I’m Kendra, a blogger, artist and dreamer extraordinaire just trying to make the best of each day. I try to be creative, and do things I’m most passionate about, including reading as often as possible. I have unhealthy obsessions with zombies, Star Wars, coffee, blogging, cuddling, art journaling, photography, reading, and picnics…among other things.

I blog at Like a Bird and tweet as well! I love to make new blog friends so I hope to see you around!

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

Today, for the No Spend August I wanted to share something free you can do and still stay creative.

One of my favorite ways to stay creative on a daily basis is to work in an art journal. They are personal, therapeutic and welcoming. You can use it for anything you want and there is no right or wrong. You can use your art journal to experiment with new technique or supplies, you can use it as a sketchbook and practice drawing, you can write quotes, play with typography, use it as a scrapbook, you can throw paint on it or doodle in it. The ways to use and work in an art journal is endless.

When you are lusting over some new art supplies, different kinds of paints or pencils, it’s tough to not spend money (trust me, I know!)…so I’ll show you a way to gather supplies without spending anything!

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

I’m going to outline a day for a you, something you can do to be creative and spend no money:

Wake up early, before it gets too hot out. Pack a lunch for two, a blanket, your art journal, a pen, your camera, music and don’t forget to bring your significant other (or best friend) along.

Take a drive to a park, maybe try a new one, somewhere farther away than you would usually go.

When you first get there, spend some time enjoying the smells, the sounds and the feel of nature all around you.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

When you feel ready, take a walk…as far and slow as you feel the need to go. Keep your eye out for plants, flowers, twigs and feathers and anything pretty you see. Stick these things into your journal. Be sure to keep your camera (or phone in my case) handy and take lots of pictures.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

Be sure to employ the help of your lovely significant other (or friend), to look about the forest with you in search of pretty things to collect. (it’s also good to have him on look out for poison ivy, which was in abundance in the forest we visited.)

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

The little path we took was about half a mile and then opened to a park with a lake. I always prefer going to parks with a variety of landscapes. Forest, open grass, a little mountain in the background and 2 lovely lakes.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

Be sure to sit down for your picnic, or to sketch what’s around you. Your sketches an be quick, rough drafts that you will use later in your journal..

And continue taking photos and collecting things.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog

When you’ve had your picnic, enjoyed the day and your sketchbook is filled to the bring with loot, go on home and sort through what you got. Some of it might have bugs you need to clean off, or unusable for one reason or another (I collected about 20 feathers and ended up keeping about 12 because I had a lot that were the same or were too torn up and couldn’t use.)

My loot from the day:
Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog
Everything I ended up keeping. Once I finished going through it all, I separated it and put it back in the sketchbook to press.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog
One of my favorite finds. I don’t know what it was from but I love the shapes of it. Be sure to keep an eye out for unique shapes as well as colors.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog
I’m almost positive this is lavender. And I’ve been on the hunt for lavender for a while.

Nature Art Journal ┬ęKendra Kantor from Like a Bird Blog
There was a bunch of geese about and after they left, we walked passed where they had been and found and abundance of feathers. It was lovely.

After your leaves and flowers have pressed for a few days you can start using them.

You can:
-glue them into your art journal (I use matte medium and create kind of a layer over them so they are more preserved)
-stick them in a small baggie to take into your journal
-scan them and print out the scan and use that (over and over again)
-draw them, paint them, sketch sketch and sketch
-if you did any sketching or drawing on your adventure, re-draw them and paint them in your journal
-remember those photos we took? well you can print those out and use them in your journal as well! (over and over and over again)

Do you use nature in your journal? Have you ever taken a nature walk to collect flowers, leaves and more to use? Please share in the comments or visit my blog and tell me how you’ve used nature.

Have a lovely August and keep creating!


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