Carta de Condução

So I’ve been in Braga these last few days (since Monday actually) and I didn’t bring my computer with me, you probably didn’t notice because I left posts for all those days. Anyway I went to Braga to get my driving license and I got it! This morning I was shaking how nervous I was, since I didn’t went to France because I had to spend my money in another exam I was terrified. But everything went well, so I’m super happy! I’ll leave you with a photo of a sign, since I’ve been driving I take lots of pictures of traffic signs, I might post them soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “Carta de Condução

  1. Olá Linda

    Muitos parabéns agora é só conduzir ,diz-me uma coisa a que dia é que é a feira de velharias cá em Leiria é que eu gostava muito de lá ir ,então a universidade como vai ?

    Bjs e boas férias

    Maria João

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